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Privacy Policy

We do not sell any information provided by customer to any organization or individual. We display the information provided by our customer to advertise their properties on our website.


Your IP or "Internet Protocol" address and other site usage data is used to gather broad demographic information. This data helps us serve you by allowing us to understand how visitors use our web sites.


Our site use a technology called "cookies," small files stored by your browser to help keep track of your user profile. The cookies we use do not collect your personal information, nor do we share them with anyone. Cookies are used to remember your personal profile for your convenience. We may use cookies to track user trends and improve our site to better serve our customers.


We do display advertisement from other companies/services on our web sites, these advertisements may contain links to other websites. These ads may place cookies on your computer, which are referenced by our ad companies. We do not have access to this information. We use customer contact information from registration forms. Your contact information may also be used to contact you when necessary for administrative purposes related to your account. We may use your email address as a unique customer id in our database system, to verify communications from you.


We may collect site usage and demographic information on our website to analyze and update our services to serve our customers better.


Central Illinois Virtual Inc., For Sale By Owner Local, do not collect or store your financial information or social security information on our site.


The data provided by customers to advertise there properties is stored in our system and is protected by firewall and password. Customer's data is only accessible to customers via the unique email address and a unique password generated by our system We suggest that you do not disclose your password to anyone. The data is also accessible to our authorized administrators and technical staff.


The companies / service providers we advertise on our website may have their own privacy policies that may be different than ours. You should review the privacy policy of other companies / service providers before providing your personal information to them. While visiting our website, you may be led to other web sites. Be aware that other sites may collect data and personal information and operate according to their own privacy practices. Please remember that, once outside of our website, any information you submit is outside of our control.


We may update this policy from time to time without any notification, so please check here frequently.


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