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IMPORTANT: Please carefully read before you decide to advertise your property with or decide to buy any item or service advertised on this website.


This acknowledgment and disclosure statement applies to all real estate and service advertised on this website.


For Sale By Owner Local (an Internet Advertisement Service),hereinafter designated "FSBOlocal" (which includes Central Illinois Virtual Inc., our website or our management, our employees, and our independent contractors) do not hold ourselves out as or otherwise represent that we have expertise in marketing properties for sale. FSBOlocal does not offer any professional real estate related assistance.


FSBOlocal's website ( is strictly an advertisement venue allowing our customers to advertise their real estate on the Internet. FSBOlocal's website allows potential buyers to view those properties and gain information about them over the Internet.


The information on this website is provided by FSBOlocal without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of title, habitability, merchantability, fitness for particular purpose, consumption, or non-infringement, all of which warranties are herby specifically disclaimed by FSBOlocal.


All property owners advertising over this website assume all liabilities and responsibilities for the accuracy of the information so advertised. When you advertise your property on our website, you assume full and complete responsibility for the accuracy of the information to be included with the advertisement to sell your property and, if you find any error in the advertisement, you agree to immediately so notify FSBOlocal in writing.


FSBOlocal is not and shall not be construed to be responsible, directly or indirectly, to the ultimate purchaser, or user, for the accuracy or inaccuracy or any representation or warranties, or material or immaterial misstatements or omissions, with respect to any real or personal property advertised over FSBOlocal's website.


Furthermore, FSBOlocal expressly disclaims all responsibility for any or all errors and/or omissions and misrepresentations by those advertising on this website. Fsbolocal affirmatively states that fsbolocal makes no effort to verify the accuracy of the information posted by property owners, agents of property owners and advertisers on the website. FSBOlocal warns customers and advertisers that the website may experience connection downtime due to server or network problems, or unknown causes experienced by fsbolocal or its internet service provider (isp) or due to any other reason beyond its control.



The real estate property advertised for sale at this website is strictly "for sale by owner." FSBOlocal is not engaged in the vocation of selling or leasing any real estate, the improvements on real estate, or any personal property for compensation resulting from such sales. FSBOlocal is only a medium for advertising real and personal property for sale or rental, in the same fashion as advertisements in newspapers, magazines and classified advertisements in newspapers and magazines, that is, in the routine course of selling and publishing advertising.


If you need additional information about a property that you are viewing that information can ONLY be obtained via the contact information on the advertisement detail page. FSBOlocal management and/or associates do not have any additional information about the property, and will not assist in obtaining any additional information. Properties that are no longer available do not have any contact information and this property should be considered no longer an active advertisement.


FSBOlocal does not list properties for sale through FSBOlocal as an agent of any owner. FSBOlocal receives no compensation based on the success or failure of an owner to sell or rent property advertised on this website. FSBOlocal does not represent any property owner as an agent, either directly or indirectly, in any fashion. Buyers and sellers of real estate do not and shall not negotiate their transactions through FSBOlocal in any respect. FSBOlocal should not be contacted in any manner regarding negotiation of the sale, exchange, lease or rental of any interest in any real or personal property. FSBOlocal does not assist or direct in the process of procuring or referring prospects for the sale, exchange, lease, or rental of real or personal property. FSBOlocal does not buy, sell, offer to buy or sell, or otherwise deal in options on real estate or improvements thereon.


Central Illinois Virtual, Inc. d/b/a does not discriminate against any person based on race, color, creed, ancestry, national origin or physical or mental handicap in any form of advertisement. FSBOlocal retains its right to refuse any advertisement which it may consider not suitable for its website.


Property Owner agrees to pay to FSBOlocal an advertisement fee in accordance with FSBOlocal's advertisement rates schedule posted and in effect on its website (Ad Rates) at the time Property Owner advertises its property with FSBOlocal.


Occasionally we will be advertising this website through different media, but we will not advertise any particular item advertised on this website.


This website is strictly for advertising properties For Sale By Owner only. After advertising the property if the property owner decides to advertise with a broker or another FSBO website the advertisement will be removed from FSBOlocal website. If you do decide to advertise with another service, please notify us so that we can remove your advertisement.


As a material and essential consideration to advertising with, customer authorizes, agrees and stipulates to all of the following: CIVI's for sale by owner yard sign is essential to the value of advertising through CIVI and informing the public the customer's home is "for sale by owner," and directing interested parties to the FSBOlocal website for viewing the customer's photographs, contact information and property details; CIVI may place CIVI's for-sale-by-owner yard sign in the portion of customer's yard allowing the greatest public exposure; the yard sign will remain in the customer's yard until the last to occur of the following: (1) delivery of possession to the buyer, (2) closing on the sale to buyer, or (3) expiration of the customer's ad with CIVI without sale or renewal of the ad; no other business or individual may place a yard sign in customer's yard advertising the property for sale or "sold" while CIVI's yard sign remains in the customer's yard; customer will place and retain a "sold" sign banner under CIVI's yard sign if and when the customer sells the property.


Placing an advertisement on FSBOlocal's website or viewing the advertised properties or other items indicates your acknowledgment that you have read this Acknowledgment and agree to its terms.


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